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Production Labor

Over the past 20+ years, my work as Creative Director at Spiritborne Productions has given me a wealth of production-related knowledge, skills and experience.  Today, I am pleased to offer my services to anyone who has the need for skilled labor in a number of positions.  Contact me if you'd like to know more!

Available for hire in the following areas:​​

Camera Operator

$450 / day, $60 / hr


Video Director/Switcher

$750 / day, $100 / hr

Jib Operator

$600 / day,  $75 / hr


Audio Engineer (Live)

$450 / day, $60 / hr

Production Consultant

$600 / day


Graphic Design

$80 / hr

UAV Remote Pilot In Command

$150 / hr

Video & Audio Post Production

$80 / hr

Project rates available upon request.

Need something else?

Available for all kinds of production and videography needs.  Custom quotes and hourly rates are available upon request.

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Based in Olympia, Washington