Post Production

Video and Audio Editing and Enhancement, Compression,  Closed Captioning and More

Rates & Services

Take your raw footage or audio and create a polished, finished product.  Hourly rates apply to all post production services not listed.

Flat Rate Services

Transcription for Closed Captioning - $1.50 / minute

Create closed captions or subtitles from clean audio.

Minimum half hour.

Closed Captioning Insertion - $40

Embed closed captioning or subtitles into supported file formats.

Price per timeline.  Included free with transcription.

Color Correction - $80

Fix incorrect white balance or match video sources.  Up to 10 independent adjustments

Noise Reduction - $40 / hour

Clean up grainy video.  Price per hour of source.

Compression - $30 / hour

Convert video or audio to any supported format.

Price per hour of computer time.


Editing and all other Post Production - $80 / hour

Need something else?

Available for all kinds of production and videography needs.  Custom quotes and hourly rates are available upon request.

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