Aerial videography and surveillance

Package Rates

Starting at $499

Part 107 certified, fully ensured.  Get aerial footage and photos that were previously only possible with a helicopter and large budget.  Capture cinematic aerial footage, or inspect a tower, farm or other hard-to-reach area, all in crystal-clear 4K.  The sky's the limit!

Base Rate - $499

Includes 3 batteries of flight time, airspace review and flight  insurance.

Additional Battery - $149

Add another battery of flight time if more than 3 is needed.  Approx. 25 minutes flight time per battery.

Airspace Authorization - $49

FAA authorization for flights in controlled airspace via LAANC (determined by airspace review). Price per request. May not be available in all areas.  Not required for flights in Class G airspace.

Image Enhancement - $99

Color correction, noise reduction and stabilization of the raw footage before delivery.

Need something else?

Available for all kinds of production and videography needs.  Custom quotes and hourly rates are available upon request.

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